Thursday, April 16, 2015

Exciting the network

Don’t get a network too excited as it just might reveal its equivalent resistance.  But in all seriousness the easiest way to find the equivalent resistance of a network is to provide a stimulus and measure the response of the network. 

Have you ever received a problem like the below?  Maybe a professor wanted to challenge his young students with a brain buster, a resistor network that seemed almost impossible to solve.   Maybe the problem proved to be so daunting that you had nightmares about resistor networks the following night.  Maybe, by chance, dreams of huge resistor connected webs with roaming electronic spiders looking for their next meal…gulp.  Of course, I’m merely suggesting that dream, it’s not like I had that dream during my undergraduate days.

Well, sometimes finding the equivalent resistance of a network seems tricky, but can be made easy by exciting the network with a voltage or current source.  We just connect the voltage or current independent sources across the Req terminals and measure the corresponding current or voltage drops across the nodes.

           Req=V/(Measured Current [I])                     Req = (Measured Voltage [V])/I  

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